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About Me

West Coast trained - Okanagan Living!


Showcasing life through a new lens.


Madison Cook is a bold creative that loves playing with color! As a marketing specialist, she is committed to producing brand-specific images and finding ways to showcase expression even in the mundane.


In her youth, she studied acting and had learned to pose and how it feels to be uncomfortable in front of the camera. This un-comfort was soon replaced with a drive to learn how to make it fun, something you'll feel when shooting together.


Madison soon found a passion for life behind the lens, winning her a one-year scholarship to NYFA where she studied directing and learned the art of framing and composition. There, she also discovered the importance of color and tone.


Madison’s interest in photography and color soon grew into a full-time career while living in LA. Her first published photography campaign featured Steve McQueen's granddaughter and soon her photography skills were recognized by many others and her photography was put on the 2016 Golden Globe gift bags. 


She has worked with many companies on local and regional campaigns, brand presentations, and numerous editorials. Her vision and passion gives her clients a leading edge on every project she works on.